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This week’s video – Halloween Makeup Challenge

Take a look and see how our Halloween Makeup Challenge went. There were some…interesting results!


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Let’s talk photography

Recently, I have been taking up my camera and diving back into the world of photography. It is something I really enjoy and gives me a creative outlet that some of my other pursuits don’t.

To me, there is something very voyeuristic about a photograph; it gives you a glimpse into a moment in time, into what the photographer was thinking, and into what the subject was feeling.

When I began taking photos I thought landscapes and architectural pictures would be my forte, but recently I have been delving into some portrait photography and to my surprise I am really enjoying it.

But enough with the preface, I want to share some of my work with you. And please forgive all the pictures of Kenny; as my roommate he is obligated to come along whenever I want to take a field trip with my camera.

If you like this post, please let me know and I will do another one soon with more pics. And please share it too!



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An Ode to Our New Apartment

We recently moved and I thought I’d jot down some thoughts about our new place.*


From the bars across the windows

To the bee infested vines,

From our alcoholic neighbors

To the trash can filled with wine,


You are an interesting place to live,

Small living room excepted,

And we’re grateful for the soundproof walls,

And that you’re not infested.

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Impossible Dreams

When I was maybe four or five years old I wanted to be a star. I really didn’t care what kind of a star. I thought maybe I would be a singer or an actor; I even entertained the idea of being president of the United States. At eleven I was convinced I was going to be a Nobel Prize winning geneticist. Watching The West Wing at thirteen made me simultaneously dream of becoming an aide in the White House and a screenwriter. At fifteen, delving though hours of Lord of the Rings behind the scenes footage on repeat made me want to be a movie director or a screen editor. My dream of being a successful author came at seventeen, soon followed by my dream of being a literary editor at eighteen.

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