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Working for Starbucks has its ups and downs. While good health insurance, philanthropic opportunities, and discounts on airlines (among other things) are all benefits that Starbucks provides; the major perk that keeps me going through a stressful day at work is UNLIMITED DRINKS! That’s right, if a barista has to make it, we can drink it for free while on the clock (no free $6 Evolution Juices for me, unfortunately). This lovely situation has allowed me to try, and grow tired of, every drink on the menu board. So what do we baristas do? We experiment. I hate to admit it, but most of my concoctions come out less than stellar. I do have a few winners up my sleeve. Are you itching to try something new at Starbucks but lack the inspiration to begin? Not to worry, without further ado, I present:



Dirty Chai with a Vanilla Kick

– Start off with an iced vanilla chai latte. Add two shots affogatto so the espresso floats on top of the chai. Top with vanilla drizzle. Now that’s vanilla bliss.



Creamsicle of Berry, Lime or Orange Frappuccino

– This next one needs a packet of Via Refresher (any flavor). Start with a venti vanilla bean Frappuccino. Ask nicely if your barista would blend the power into the drink (we appreciate kindness).  Based on what flavor of Via you choose (berry, lime, or orange) ask for some of the freeze dried fruit of the same kind blended in as well. Fruity, creamy, with a punch of caffeine from the Via packet. What’s not to love?



Raspberry Citrus Refresher

– Pick a size. Ask for equal parts Orange Refresher, Lime Refresher, and lemonade with raspberry syrup. Be sure to ask for no water. Very tart, but very tasty.


BONUS SECTION! (Special thanks to CP for these great recipe ideas!)

For all you of age drinkers out there, this next one adds rum to the mix of deliciousness. But, please, wait until you are home before adding it. And don’t drink and drive.

– Start with a grande orange refresher; no water, with lemonade. Ask for one pump each of raspberry, peach, and classic syrups. Order it in a venti cup (so there is room for the rum). Go home, top it off and enjoy on the back porch during a hot summer afternoon.



Kahlua more your speed? We have you covered.

– Start with a short salted caramel hot chocolate with only one pump each of toffee nut and mocha. Order in a tall cup. Go home, top with Kahlua and sip during your marathon of Doctor Who on a winter night.


Do you have a favorite “off the menu” Starbucks drink? Let us know about it on our Facebook page!




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