Keeping Just Ordinary Company

An Ode to Our New Apartment

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We recently moved and I thought I’d jot down some thoughts about our new place.*


From the bars across the windows

To the bee infested vines,

From our alcoholic neighbors

To the trash can filled with wine,


You are an interesting place to live,

Small living room excepted,

And we’re grateful for the soundproof walls,

And that you’re not infested.

But there are a few things that annoy,

Although you cannot help them.

So please allow me to expand,

To tell you from where my ire stems.


Your laundry room is always full

And your tile’s cracked.

Your water runs from hot to cold

While I attempt to wash my back.


The total lack of counter space

Leaves much to be desired.

But the ample cabinet space, I must admit,

Is something oft admired.


Your bedrooms are so tiny,

Which makes furniture a joke.

Your blinds are always breaking

And your oven often smokes.


You are continually stuffy

With no cross breeze to be found.

And the placement of the air conditioner

Continues to astound.


The sink is always backing up

And your disposal spews out crap.

Getting stuck in the hall by the pantry doors

Has started to feel like a trap.


All these things and many more

I could continue telling,

But to be fair, you’re not that bad,

And your location’s quite a blessing.


In the end, after a few months,

You’ve started to feel like home.

And despite your faults, and my bitching too,

I have no desire to roam.


*I am not now, nor have I ever been, a poet. So actual poets, please forgive the horrible rhyming!




Author: keepingjustordinarycompany

Twenty something working guys just inhabiting the world with our thoughts.

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