Keeping Just Ordinary Company


Welcome to our blog for people like us who have ridiculous amounts free time with which to read our opinions and thoughts on everything from the weather to politics to video games to books to recipes to our cat Flynn against which all other animals are judged and found wanting, fair warning.

We want to talk frankly about things that pop into our head, whether they are random or spurred by something we read or saw on the inter-web. It is also a way to share what is going on in our lives. Being friends and roommates with different interests and different backgrounds it is interesting how many times we find similarities between us and we believe that this phenomenon isn’t relegated to just us, but is part of the human condition.

If you want to delve into something funny, snarky, ridiculous, thought provoking, or emotional please join us as we narrate our lives and the ordinary company and characters that fill it.

As always, comments and conversations are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!


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