Keeping Just Ordinary Company


            KJ is a recent college graduate and barista with too much free time on his hands which he uses to read confusing literature and play SimCity. He is handy in the kitchen and his experimenting leads to many tasty treats. As a future Tony award winning Properties Master he is crafty and creates all sorts of cool things like lanterns made out of Christmas lights and plastic cups. If you are looking for something cool and crafty to try your hand at look no further than his posts. He is also obsessed with roller coasters and bridges so please don’t get him started on that unless you want to spend hours watching POV roller coaster rides on YouTube!

            OC is also a fairly recent college graduate and legislative editor with too much time on his hands which he uses to read multiple books daily and then power watch seasons of Doctor Who, or any other sci-fi show he can find. He may be slightly addicted to Netflix and Hulu and is a vociferous supporter of great writing in any format. He is looking for something to do with his life so he jumps from interest to interest which leads to having fingers in many pots, so if you want to have a slightly disjointed conversation about the gender spectrum that leads into talking about how Aaron Sorkin is the best writer since Shakespeare, please read his posts!


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