Keeping Just Ordinary Company

What’s in a name?

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            We haven’t talked about the name of our blog at all. On the surface it may seem that we were just trying to find a clever phrase that would fit the acronym of the letters of our names. This was true in the beginning and we used it as almost a word game, calling out words that began with the right letters and texting them to each other when we thought of a good one.

            The problem with trying to be clever is that it normally never ends well and it didn’t in our case. We were trying to find something that would sum up who we are, what we are passionate about, and how we feel. This proved impossible, for as many words as there are in the English language they are usually insufficient to truly express the intangible.

            So we were left at a stopping point with no name in sight until we thought of Keeping Just Ordinary Company. The letters fit and for a start that was good enough for us, even if it didn’t mean much. But it has come to mean more.

            When we are sitting on opposite couches in the living room of our apartment each doing separate things there is an element of comfort in the fact that we are each other’s company. We don’t have to speak, but having another human being inhabiting the same space as you is comforting. We choose people to keep in our lives because they provide us with that feeling, the feeling of not being alone. There is nothing extraordinary in this fact; many animals have a pack structure for this very reason. All relationships boil down to us just keeping company. Therefore these relationships, these friendships, are ordinary; which is in and of itself extraordinary.

            Let me put it another way. Have you ever watched a discovery channel show or seen a NASA picture of space? Has it ever made you feel small and insignificant? The company that we keep makes us feel validated, like we matter, and you know what? We do. Human beings are extraordinary machines that are almost inexplicably complicated; how exactly we evolved into what we are occupies science to this day. And that us mysterious human beings go out and forge ordinary friendships to feel comfort in company is pretty amazing and at the same time not at all. It’s just ordinary.

            We spend a lot of time just hanging out, keeping each other in ordinary company, and I think that is a pretty good place to be. So that’s what’s in our name, well that and it did turn out as an acronym with the letters of our names, which we still think is pretty clever.


P.S. Happy hump day everybody.


Author: keepingjustordinarycompany

Twenty something working guys just inhabiting the world with our thoughts.

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